Kennel SCAPMAN'S : 19 years of passion for the Giant Schnauzer
Vice-Champion of Europe 1995-2009
Multiple Champion of Belgium, France, Germany, Nederlands and Luxemburg 1995-2009

Junior de l'Ecurie de Syltemps giant schnauzer

May 4th 1994 - January 27th 2002
(translated from French)
This peaceful garden
Languishes from his guardian.
Your spirit violently died out,
Of your mission it is the end.
One marvels in face of the time
when you were the greatest.
But now, for us unfortunately
Only your children we will face.
In silence and with modesty,
You gave us pride and joy
When a European Champion you stood.
Thanks to the Bon Temps you shared.
We miss you.

Thierry, Outi et Saana.

Father : Stablemaster' s Superman
Mother : Cory d'Ar Bolhène

- Dysplasia: HD-A
- Personality tests : excellent

His titles :
Champion d'Europe 1996
Champion du Luxembourg 1996
Champion de France 1997
Champion d'Allemagne 1997

The pedigree of Junior de l'Ecurie de Syltemps


giant schnauzer with cut ears


black champion schnauzer riesen