Kennel SCAPMAN'S : 15 years of passion for the Giant Schnauzer
Vice-Champion of Europe 1995-2002
Multiple Champion of Belgium, France, Germany, Nederlands and Luxemburg 1995-2002

Training the Giant Schnauzer

Riesenschnauzer does not appear in the category known as "dangerous dogs" by French Law.
On the other hand, it is a working dog and many activities can be carried on with your companion.
Don't forget that a Giant Schnauzer is a powerful dog (up to 50kg for a male) with a strong and protective personality towards strangers and sometimes other dogs. If this is your first dog, then you should be ready to take obedience courses with him/her (especially with a male).

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- The C.S.A.U. : Certificate of Sociability and Aptitude for the Use.

This a prerequisite test in France to compete in the category of Champion of Beauty. This examination is carried out in an education center under the supervision of judges. When the test is succesful, the owner receives a card from the Dog Central Agency. But please be aware that this test is onlymandatory to compete for a title of beauty and not for the everyday life.

- The Ring : this includes several stages/levels.
- certificate
- defense ring 1
- defense ring 2
- etc

With each stage comes a set of increasing levels of obedience, protection and ultimately controling the threat (whether a person or an animal). This ultimately tests your dog's discipline and courage.
With a ring certificate, your dog will gain access to the class of "working dog" in beauty competion -in addition to the skills described above.

-> The title of International Champion can only be granted Giant Schnauers who succeeded in either the RCI or the IPO.

- Programme RCI (Rules of International Competition) :
This program is subject to the rules of the Internation Dog Federation (FCI).
In addition to obedience and protection capabilities - somehow similar to the Ring above- it includes a test of tracking/search capabilities with increasing difficulties.

- IPO :
The IPO is a group of protection certificates (IPO I, II and III) with very detailled challenges.
It includes :
- Blind search
- Hold and bark
- Attack
- Escape
- Reattack
- Back transport
- Courage test

- The agility :
Under the distant supervision of his owner (ie unleashed), the dog enters a track with a serie of obstacles (+/- 10 obstacles) to overcome. This can include obstacles such as stairs, bar jump, slalom, open tunnel and closed tunnel (ie. the dog doesn't see the other end when entering), jumping through a tire, teeter, bench walk, etc.

Please be aware that all these trainings and certificates are not mandatory for your Giant Schnauzer but they will definitely be a lot of fun for the two of you.

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